PureFi Double IDO - Final Details

We are beyond grateful for the trust and support of the PureFi Protocol. The product we are building is not for us but for you, and it warms our hearts that we get so much positive feedback and attraction.
Below we have collected some valuable details to ensure that you’re fully prepared for the upcoming IDO launch.
The official date of the Public Sale:
IDO Public Sale: Tuesday, July the 27th, 2021

Market Cap: $144,000 TGE

Whitepaper & Tokenomics: https://purefi.tilda.ws/whitepaper

PureFi IDO on Ignition powered by Paid Network:
Please, note that participation in the IDO is only accessible to those who applied and previously have been whitelisted. Paid published the whitelist.

In order to enter the lottery, you need at least 1 000 PAID tokens.
To add more wallets, please switch accounts in your wallet (MetaMask or other) so we can verify your other addresses.

Want a guaranted allocation for Purefi ? You're 75 000 tokens away.
PureFi IDO on BSCPad Checklist:
Choose your desired #BSCPAD tier - https://bscpad.com/  
Stake your #BSCPAD https://bscpad.com/staking
Know your customer (KYC) - KYC  
- Complete KYC at least 24 hours before the IDO
- Can be recognized by a green KYC button on the BSCPAD website & an approval email by KYCAID
- KYC is a one time process

We kindly ask you to keep an eye out and watch out for the scams. There are no presales and no additional groups apart from the ones listed below.
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