PureFi Campaign

About Campaign:

In exchange for performing promotional activities on behalf of the protocol, PureFi offers participation on presale. The special UFI token presale allocation (10k KOL Round) equal to 10 000 USD allocation will be distributed proportionally among participants - according to the points collected by participants during the campaign. The KOL Round allocation consists of UFI tokens from Round A (equal to 3k USD) and Round B (equal to 7k USD).
General Rules:
Every participant can only obtain one spot within the KOL campaign.
Every participant must join the PureFi Telegram & YouTube channels, Twitter page.
Each participant must be associated with a single set of social media accounts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
Any kind of defraud or dishonesty found will result in immediate disqualification of the entire KOL campaign.
Only the accepted entries will receive rewards.
Submitting the wrong wallet address will result in zero rewards.
All rewards will be sent out once at the end of the campaign. However, the reports should be updated weekly.
All inquiries and concerns about the campaign should only be submitted to @purefi_help_bot
YouTube Channel
Points System:

- 4 retweets or mentions per week +10 points;
- 1 tweet containing helpful information about AML, KYC, SSI, CyberCrime, CyberSec, including PureFi Twitter mention +15 points;
- tagging 5 friends in a tweet with #PureFi + a mention of @PureFi + 5 points;
- selfie post with PureFi identity + #PureFi +15 points;
- comment under influencer’s tweet with #PureFi (influencer must have more than 20k followers);

Specification for the influencer tweet:
<300 followers x0 (means zero points);
300 – 2000 followers x1 points;
2001 – 5000 followers x2 points;
5001+ followers x3;
- all the tweets should have hashtags: otherwise, the participant will earn zero points;
- all posts should be unique;

- add “PureFier” to your name in TG (e.g., "Slava PureFier" ) +10 points per week;
- add a link in bio twitter.com/purefi_protocol + 10 points per week;
- 3 post per week per one Tg crypto group above 5k subscribers + 5 points;

- 5 upvotes of our post +5 points;
- 5 reports of our post +5 points;
- 3 post about PureFi with mentioning of PureFi +3 point;
- follow is a must

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